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Because calcitriol is the generic alternative for rocaltrol, there are no manufacturer-sponsored coupons available.

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If the patient is switched from a long acting vitamin D preparatione.gergocalciferolvitamin D 2or colecalciferolto calcitriolit may take several months for the ergocalciferol level in the blood to return to the baseline valuethereby increasing the risk of hypercalcaemiasee section 4.9

Immobilised patientse.gthose who have undergone surgeryare particularly exposed rizact how much to the risk of hypercalcaemia.

While you are taking calcitriolit is important that you follow any dietary suggestions your doctor has providedDo not increase or decrease the amount of calcium in your diet without discussing the change with your doctor first.

Calcitriol belongs to the group of medications called vitamin D3 metabolitesCalcitriol is a form of vitamin D that is active in the bodyIt helps to maintain the balance of calcium and phosphorus in the bloodIt also helps bones absorb calcium.

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